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The National Directory of Dog Bite Attorneys, the original online directory for dog bite attorneys, is operated by Los Angeles dog bite expert witness, Richard Polsky, Ph.D. The website provides a directory of attorneys in the United States who litigate cases involving personal injury to people caused by dogs.

Estimates indicate that annually, approximately 4.5 millon people are bitten by dogs in the United States. Moreover, dog bite injury inflicted to a child can result in serious psychological truma. For example, 50% of children who sustain severe dog bite injury suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, the physical  consequences of a dog bite injury are often serious and occasionally fatal. Insurance companies pay millions of dollars in claims annually to dog bite victims in the United States. Approximately 3% of all dog bite victims require hospitalization. The financial implication of these statistics are obviously significant, and they impact both the dog bite attorney and dog bite victim.

Consequently, people who are injured as a result of the negligence of a dog owner may need the services of a dog bite attorney to acquire a complete understanding of their legal options as a result of being attacked and seriously injured by an unprovoked dog bite attack.

The National Directory of Dog Bite Attorneys is organized by state. Attorneys can be readily found through the website search function, through the website Directory or through the links in the footer on each website page.  Attorneys interested in the expert witness services of Dr. Polsky should visit

Question and Answer
How can the attorney make a listing in the Directory?
Simply complete the online registration form.
The registration form asks for basic information necessary for the posting of your listing in the Directory.  Preferably, the website  of the  attorney’s law firm law firm should be provided,  a photograph can be uploaded, and contact information such as email, telephone, and social media sharing  would be desirable.
There are two kinds of listings:  Basic and Enhanced.  Examples of each kind of listing can be found here. The cost for the basic listing is $39.00 anually. An Enhanced listing costs $59.00 annually.
What are the advantages of an Enhanced listing vs. Basic listing?
First, an Enhanced listing allows the attorney to add additional information about his/her law firm such as a 200 word description, a photograph, and posting to the blog of this website.  Second, when a dog bite victim submits the victim feedback form, those attorneys with Enhanced listings in the state where the victim resides will be notified. Attorneys will be sent information about the incident and the kind of injuries the victim sustained, as well as other relevant information. Note, this information will be sent to the attorney only if the victim consents to having this done, however. Third, attorneys with Enhanced listings will be placed at the top or near the top of the page in the state where they are located. Finally, for both Enhanced and Basic listings, one major benefit is that they will be acquiring a valued one-way link to their website from this website. In addition, attorneys with Enhanced listings will receive a second complementary one-way link from Dr. Polsky’s main website. Currently these kinds of links – i.e. one-way links – from a websites containing relevant or similar content, are of paramount importance for high search engine ranking. In itself, the cost of registration is worth the price of acquiring these highly valued one way-links.
How will the website benefit the dog bite victim?
The directory provides a convenient way for a dog bite victim to find a dog bite attorney.
Often victims do not know where to turn for legal help or have difficulty finding attorneys specializing in dog bite law. Hence, the National Directory of Dog Bite Attorneys, the oldest of its kind on the internet, should help in this regard.
Dr. Polsky will provide feedback to the dog bite victim using his expertise in animal behavior.
The dog bite victim frequently seeks answers to questions that have more to do with animal behavior than dog bite law. Dog bite victims want to know, for example, why the incident happened, if certain breeds such as pit bulls, Rottweilers or German shepherds are dangerous by nature, or if they were at fault because they were told that their actions “provoked” the dog. The victim may have found the dog owner’s insurance company difficult to deal with, or their claim may have been lowballed or denied altogether. Moreover, dog bite victims are often want to know if the incident was foreseeable given the circumstances surrounding the incident, the past history of the dog, or if the careless handling of the dog by the owner was a factor in causing the dog to attack them.
Dr. Polsky will use his experience as an animal behavior expert witness to answer questions like these. Dog bite victims will not be charged for this feedback. Upon consent, Dr. Polsky will send the information the dog bite victim provides  to attorneys listed in the directory. These steps make this website a valuable resource for dog bite victims, their families and the attorney.
How will dog bite victims find this website?
Keyword search on the internet.
When the Directory was first launched, dog bite victims found their way to the site in this manner through keyword search, and many probably arrived by way of (popularity ranking of this website is approximately 550,000 overall in the USA, and the site is currently receiving (as of September 2013) approximately 4000 unique visitors monthly.

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